Who could use the Lock and Stop Drain Lock™?
How Do you lock your drains?
1. The drain lock works by inserting an expandable steel cross member in a drain about 2" below the drain strainer.  When tightened, the cross member exerts enough force against the interior wall of the drain to be virtually immovable.

2. A bolt is then inserted through the drain strainer and threaded through the immovable crossmember which now makes the strainer virtually immovable.

3. The bolt is made with a unique head so that only a spanner tool can lock and unlock the drain.

The Drain Locking Solution

Grocery Stores
Hotels and Casinos
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Food Processing
Any industry with drains
Too often your floor drains are used as the easy way to sweep away food, trash, and other debris.  Since drains are intended for water, this has (or eventually will) probably cause drain clogs which can be very costly to fix.  Perhaps you've tried other methods to lock drains that have failed.  That's because you haven't tried the Lock and Stop Drain Lock
™.  It provides you with the ultimate security for your drains.  Made of 100% stainless steel parts, it will not corrode, it will not break, and it will not be penetrated.

Do you need to lock your drains?
Do your employees or hired cleaners sweep all the trash down the drains?
Tired of paying costly plumber bills?

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